The art I create is from my personal journeys through life. It’s what I see through my mind’s eye or is known as the “Spiritual Eye”.

I turned to art as a form of self healing. For over 18 years I locked away my art, petrified to show people my work.

Each piece marks a personal journey, reflecting my battle with my inner self and my empowering spiritual awakening.

Basically my journey started in 1988, where I had reached the bottom of my life.


Through meditation and learning the power of mind, my art just kept on growing and growing from there.


Through my healing process I was encouraged to show my work to the public. This has been a positive and emotional decision, one that has proved to be the right one.


For me , each piece of art indicates a step in a positive direction. It’s my journey and it’s my experience, and I know each piece and where it has taken me to get to where I am today.